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Initial Training

BTS; High Technician Certificate

The main objectives of the training are the acquisition of professional skills through theoretical knowledge and especially practical. Integration in the company and especially in the world of work. Internships are the main component of BTS training. This training makes it possible to choose a future job without difficulties.

The BTS «High Technician Certificate» is an approved diploma of professional training. The training of BTS is spread over 2 school years each one in 10 months. To give a degree of high Technician of baccalaureate +2.

etudiantsETIC offers courses combining theoretical courses with practical predominance and especially internships in companies. The content of the courses is regularly reviewed and innovated to suit changes in the professional sectors and the needs of companies, which gives them flexibility and competence in the job market. The specialties are chosen by the care of competent educational executives with more than 30 years of experience in the field of training to offer you the best training for a better future.

Access Terms

The BTS is accessible to anyone with a baccalaureate degree or a BTP diploma (Professional Technician Certificate).

Training Duration

The training of the High Technician Certificate is spread over 2 school years each of 10 months. a total of 20 months with internships in companies to prepare the PFF (Ending Training Project).

Registration form

  • 2 copies of identity certificate
  • 2 certified copies of the baccalaureate degree or BTP diploma
  • 2 Identity photo


  • high Technician in Networks and Telecommunication        
  • high PC Maintenance Technician        
  • high Technician in Marketing and Social Networks        
  • high Technician in Business Management        
  • high Technician in International Business
BTS etudiants


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